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Serve Politician Pet

Animal Specialist

Went to Bilawal House in august 2019, Doing Routine check up of his Pets ! It was very nice to meet him.

Grey Parrot Treatment

Parrot Expert​

We have Expertise to treat all kind of parrot. We treat them with full of love & devotion !


Pets Trainer​

I Only believe in humanity work that’s why I love every type of animals & Birds !

Eco Friendly Environment


We are serving with all medical facilities starting from general checkup to complex surgeries.

Birds Specialist

Birds Disorder

Treatment available for trauma, foreign body aspiration, fungal and bacterial infections.

Saviour of Domestic Animals


Diseases of domestic animals are treated by us with love and care.

Goat Vaccines

Expertise in Vaccination

I have expertise in vaccination of different animals and their health conditions.

Birds Expert

Expertise in Surgery

I have operated many birds of different breeds, my specialty include bird’s Surgery and care.

Lion Operation

Expert in Lion and Tigers

Treatment of Lions and tiger is done by Dr. Haresh Kumar. He is Expert in that field too.

Wild Animals

Wildlife Experience

Wild Life Animals are more complicated to handle and Dr. Haresh Kumar is Skilled in that.

Critical Surgeries

Excellence in Operations

Dr. Haresh Kumar is a Highly Skilled Surgeon when it comes to pet and domestic animals. 

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